School Meals

Our meals are cooked in our own kitchen and are to a very high standard. If your child wishes to have school dinners, the correct money should be sent in on a Monday morning for the coming week. The cost is £2.25 per day/£11.25 per week.

You can pay by cash or cheque (payable to Holy Family School) up until 14th February then there after it will all be paid online. Please note we do not accept credit cards. School meals can be paid for weekly, monthly or termly but must be paid for in advance.

Free school meals are available for eligible children, please contact the School Office for any queries.

Click below for the Autumn/Winter 2018/2019 Menu.

Valentines Day menu for Thursday 14th February 2019

Winter Menu 2018/2019

Packed Lunches
If your child wishes to bring a packed lunch there are a few points that we would like you to note:

Within the school we have several children who are allergic to nuts. We cannot as a school guarantee a nut free environment, however, we would urge you to ensure that lunch boxes are free of items that contain nuts (ie, no peanut butter or cereal bars containing nuts). It would also help if you could impress upon the children, as we do, not to share or exchange lunch items.

As a school we have "Healthy School" status. To ensure we conform to this, children are not permitted to bring sweets or chocolate bars as part of their lunch (although chocolate biscuits are permitted). Also lunch boxes should not contain fizzy drinks.

Finally, please ensure that packed lunches do contain items that your child likes to eat and we will encourage them to eat it all.
We look forward to welcoming our new September Intake to 'Story time' in the coming weeks!