Home Learning - Friday 30th April 2021

Good morning,

Have a go at the above sheet for maths today. This is a recap of rounding 10, 100 and 1000 ready for next weeks lessons.

You can also practise your times tables so you can test on them next week, to get closer to becoming mentors.



Choose a book from: Epic online reading, your personal selection or your accelerated reader book. Read the book then write a review.

This should include:

  •  A short summary of the book.
  • What age group would you say it is written for.
  • What genre (style e.g spy thriller, romance) would you say it is.
  • What you thought of the book- whether you enjoyed/not enjoyed the book.
  • Which part was your favourite/worst part. 
  • Would you recommend it and why?




As we will be celebrating May Crowning (the crowning or Mary), can you design/make your own flower ready for the festivities.

  • Try to use a different media, e.g natural materials (sticks, leaves, cloth) to make give a 3D effect.
  • You could use: paint, oil pastels, pens, pencils, anything you have around your home (asking an adults permission beforehand)
  • Think about the detail you can add to make your flower as realistic as possible.


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