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We are now an academy within this partnership.

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What does it mean to be part of the Multi-Academy Trust?

Trust mission statement:

For Catholic schools across Kent to deliver outstanding spiritual, moral and learning outcomes for children and young people by collaborating as a Catholic community of academies, working together and with others, and based on excellent leadership and teaching, with Gospel values at its heart.

The Holy Family School has been part of KCSP since June 1st 2014, when the Trust had fewer schools than it has now. This means that we have seen the Trust evolving and changing as schools have joined and partnerships have grown. Our perception of what it means to be an Academy within the Trust has also evolved.

One of the strengths of being within the Trust is that we share a Catholic ethos with many schools and can work with them to promote Catholic education and gospel values, in local groups of schools and through events organised by the Trust itself. Such events help give our pupils a sense of their identity as young people in Catholic education.

Working with those schools, we can also share good practice as we visit one another’s schools to share ideas and learn from one another. We can use comparative data about pupil achievement and about financial management to benchmark the way we manage at Holy Family.
We benefit too from having the Trust’s own School Improvement Advisers who work closely with each school to raise standards and promote excellence by bringing a new focus, challenge and new resources for consideration.

The Trust has also saved each school budget thousands of pounds by negotiating contracts on behalf of all schools in the Trust and by working to ensure that all schools premises are in good condition

Of course, there have been changes which have taken time to adjust to. Each school’s Governing Body (now known as the Local Governing Body or LGB) does not have all the autonomy it once had because some decisions are taken at Trust level for the benefit of all schools. The Trust also reduces the burden on the LGB by taking overall responsibility for school finance, employment, buildings management and policy development, which allows the LGB to focus on the important job of continuous school improvement and holding the Head Teacher to account.

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