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Reading Recovery is a special programme lasting about 20 minutes a week for children who need to build and extend their reading skills. It aims to give support to children in both reading and writing. It is specially designed to give individual help through a series of 1:1 sessions. These sessions are tailored to each child's learning. Books are specifically chosen to match the child's skills so that they can make maximum progress.


The aim of Reading Recovery is for every child to achieve independence. They learn certain skills so that each time they read they get better and better. In daily 1:1 lessons lasting half an hour they acquire specific ways to develop their reading.


At the heart of Reading Recovery and important for every child's success is daily practise of everything they have learnt. It really is a case of, the more they read the better they get. With parent/carer support they can progress really quickly.



In a single lesson a child:

• Re-reads 2 or 3 familiar books

• works with learning letters and words

• writes a  sentence or two using things they have learnt form their reading.

• The sentence is cut up into words and then is re-assembled by the child on their own.

• learns to read a new book.


During this time that the children are off school it is really important that children practise daily. This applies to all children in the school so that they can keep and build on their skills. To help your child practice daily here are some reminders to keep your child reading well.




Praise your child for trying : Let them know it’s ok to make mistakes. We  learn by trial and error.


Be aware of distractions: Turn of the TV and i-pads. It’s much easier to concentrate on reading if there are no distractions.


Give them time:  Let them try a word before you tell them a word. Point with finger only if they need it.


If they stop at a word and you think it is quite a difficult word get them to try re-reading the sentence again to see if they can work it out.If not supply the word.


Re-read books several times: When a child reads the same books over and over again they are helping build the skills they need to get even better at reading. By now it should sound like talking.


Ask questions: Check they understand the story by asking questions about what happens and talk about how the people in the story are feeling.


Reading should be enjoyable: So don’t read for too long. An agreeable 10 minutes is better than a difficult half an hour.


Finally if you have any questions please e-mail.

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