Term 1

Science experiments

Science experiments 1
Science experiments 2
Science experiments 3
Science experiments 4
Science experiments 5

Pizza Making

Pizza Making 1
Pizza Making 2

Claywork: Potion Bottles

Claywork: Potion Bottles 1
Claywork: Potion Bottles 2
Claywork: Potion Bottles 3
Claywork: Potion Bottles 4

Come and See: People Display

Come and See: People Display 1

Science-feely bag!

Science-feely bag! 1
Science-feely bag! 2
Science-feely bag! 3

We felt inside a bag and described what we felt. We used our senses to describe the fruit inside the bag.

Where does our food come from?

Where does our food come from? 1
Where does our food come from? 2
Where does our food come from? 3

We explored where our food came from by looking at the packages. We then used atlases to locate the countries.

Still life drawings of vegetables

Look at our amazing pastel drawings of vegetables.

Science experiments! What happened to the egg?

We placed three eggs into different liquids; coke, water and vinegar. We found the one that was in water stayed almost the same. The egg shell of the one that was in coke almost rubbed off, it was so thin. The egg that we placed in vinegar was bouncy. Mrs Huggins threw it in the air and it smashed to the ground. It was great fun to watch!

Think of a number!

We all made a maths game at home and brought it in to share with our friends and our parents/carers that came in. We had great fun!

Singing Time

Singing Time 1
Singing Time 2

As part of our project we sang, 'Food Glorious Food.' We felt really good after singing and we learnt most of the words.

We spent a morning learning all about apples. A lady called Sam, who works closely with Loddington Farm nearby, taught the children about where apples come from and how they are grown. We also got to make freshly squeezed apple juice. We all got to try delicious apple crisps, apple juice and different types of apples. Sam kindly donated an apple tree to our school, which we will plant in our grounds. Loddington Farm apples have even made it into Morrisons. Best of British!  

Showcase Time! Maths in our World!

We enjoyed a busy afternoon of inviting parents in and looking for maths all around us. As you can see there is lots in our beautiful school grounds. We then went on the internet and searched for pictures to make into posters for a display in our Year 3/4 area.

Baking Bread

We worked in teams to follow instructions to make bread. It was delicious and the whole of our class smelt like a bakery!

Music-let's make a jingle!

We worked in groups to make a jingle for an advert we had created for a food product. Some of our jingles were very catchy.

Look at our amazing learning from this term!

Look at our amazing learning from this term!  1
Look at our amazing learning from this term!  2
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