Term 2

Curriculum Letter Term 2

Anglo-Saxon Houses

Anglo-Saxon Houses 1
Anglo-Saxon Houses 2
Anglo-Saxon Houses 3

We worked in teams to create Anglo-Saxon homes. We even went outside and gathered wood to stick on the outside. We noticed there were no windows and their roofs almost came to the floor!

Voting Time! What shall the reward be for the reading raffle?

Voting Time! What shall the reward be for the reading raffle?  1
Voting Time! What shall the reward be for the reading raffle?  2
Voting Time! What shall the reward be for the reading raffle?  3

RE Display- Baptism/Confirmation-Belonging

RE Display- Baptism/Confirmation-Belonging  1

We enjoyed a Viking feast of cottage cheese, plums, honey and bread and butter. Mrs Huggins was our King! She led our class to victory in the battle. We listened to Viking music and stories of Gods from some of the children.


Runes  1
Runes  2
Runes  3
Runes  4
The children learnt all about the Runic alphabet. They used sculpting tools to carve into the clay a secret message.

Mason Mile-Children in need

The children enjoyed running around the park twice and raised lots of money for Children in need! The children got to meet the Mayor of Maidstone and Mason, who organised the event along with Golding Homes. Watch out for our picture in the Kent Messenger.

Viking long tail boat making

Viking long tail boat making 1
Viking long tail boat making 2
Viking long tail boat making 3
As part of our project on the Vikings, the children followed instructions and made their own.

The 'B' word!

The 'B' word! 1
The 'B' word! 2

As part of our Anti-bullying week, the children enjoyed watching and taking part in a drama production. It really reinforced the school's ethos of loving one another, just as God love us.

Star Learning!

Star Learning! 1

Read our King Alfred the Great Character Profiles!

Ukulele Time

We are very busy learning new chords for Christmas songs for our performance to the school. One of our favourites is Jingle Bells!

Well done Year 4 for amazing punctuality and attendance! Keep it up!

In November we achieved  98.69% attendance and only had 2 lates! As a reward we got to hold the school guinea pigs and got extra playtime.We have now achieved the best attendance in the school for the last 4 weeks! Keep it up Year 4!

We are now going to look after Punctuality Pup and Attendance Ted for the next month!


Ukulele Concert

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Ukulele Concert Part 2

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Ukulele Concert Part 3

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Many Congratulations to Father Desmond

Many Congratulations to Father Desmond 1

At the end of our Advent Mass, we presented Father Desmond with a card from the school with lots of words of congratulations. Father Desmond is turning 50 very soon and he is also celebrating being a priest for 20 years!

Christmas Extravaganza!

We enjoyed celebrating Christmas at Holy Family School with a big fair! We made and sold 2019 calendars and they nearly all went! Father Christmas visited! A dance troop performed on stage! The choir sung their hearts out! The kitchen was busy with yummy delights! Lots of prizes were won! We really enjoyed ourselves especially the face painting stall!

A day of great joy!

We started off the day donating money to Cafod for wearing a Christmas jumper. We then watched KS1 performing their nativity, Lights Camel Action! It was brilliant and very funny! We then enjoyed a delicious Christmas dinner made by the wonderful kitchen staff. Finally, we watched a very funny pantomime called Robin Hood.

He's behind you!

We cheered! We booed! We clapped! We cheered! Robin Hood married Maid Marion and they all lived happily ever!

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