Term Dates

Term Dates

September 2021– July 2022


Term 1 (children in 36 days)

Weds 01/09/2021

Staff Training Day 1 (children not in school)

Thurs 02/09/2021

Start School

Thursday 21/10/2021

Last Day of Term

Friday 22/10/2021

Staff Training Day 2 (children not in school)

Term 2 (children in 35 days)

Mon 01/11/2021

Start School

Fri 17/12/2021

Last Day of Term (1.30pm finish)

Term 3 (children in 30 days)

Tues 04/01/2022

Staff training Day 3 - (children not in school)

           Weds 05/01/2022 

Start School

Fri 11/02/2022

Last Day of Term

Term 4 (children in 28 days)

Mon 21/02/2022

Staff training day 4 (children not in school)

Tues 22/02/2022

Start School

Fri 01/04/2022

Last Day of Term (1.30pm finish)

Term 5 (children in 29 days)

Tue 19/04/2022

Start School

Mon 02/05/2022

Bank holiday (school closed for one day)

Fri 27/05/2022

Last Day of Term

Term 6 (children in 32 days)

Mon 06/06/2022

Start School

Thurs 21/07/2022

Last day of Term (1.30pm Finish)

Fri 22/07/2022

Staff Training Day 5 (children not in school)


NOTE CHANGE TO INSET TERM 6: change to end of term 6 date updated 27/07/2021

The Holy Family Catholic Primary School Wider Opening Risk Assessment
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