Term Dates

Term Dates

September 2020 – July 2021


Term 1 (children in 36 days)

Tues 01/09/2020

Staff Training Day 1 (children not in school)

Weds 02/09/2020

Start School

Weds 21/10/2020

Last Day of Term

Thurs 22/10/2020

Staff Training Day 2 (children not in school)

Fri 23/10/2020

Staff Training Day 3 (children not in school)

Term 2 (children in 35 days)

Mon 02/11/2020

Start School

Fri 18/12/2020

Last Day of Term (1.30pm finish)

Term 3 (children in 30 days)

Mon 04/01/2021

Start School

Fri 12/02/2021

Last Day of Term

Term 4 (children in 28 days)

Mon 22/02/2021

Staff training day 4 (children not in school)

Tues 23/02/2021

Start School

Thurs 01/04/2021

Last Day of Term (1.30pm finish)

Term 5 (children in 29 days)

Mon 19/04/2021

Start School

Mon 03/05/2021

Bank holiday (school closed for one day)

Fri 28/05/2021

Last Day of Term

Term 6 (children in 32 days)

Mon 07/06/2021

Start School

Tues 20/07/2021

Last Day of Term (1.30pm finish)

Wed 21/07/2021

Staff training day 5 (children not in school


Please note that the above detail includes the Government date change to the Bank Holiday to allow for 75th anniversary commemoration of VE day

The Holy Family Catholic Primary School Wider Opening Risk Assessment
The Holy Family school will be open for all children from Monday 8th March.