Executive Principal

Mr N Fox


Academy Principal

Mrs M Stenning (DSL)



Mrs S Davis


Family Liaison Officer (FLO)

Mrs T Avis (DSL)


Business Manager

Mrs S Grimes (DSL)


Office Assistant 

Miss J Appleton



Miss M Tidy




Teaching Assistant


Miss C Wilson

Mrs S Inglis

Mrs K Orzsulak

Year 1

Mrs A Folorunso

Miss S Drinkel

Mrs L Judge (1:1)

Mrs M Augustyn

Year 2

Miss F Goldsmith

Miss S Poulter

Year 3

Mrs C Brenton

Mrs K Orzsulak

Mrs M Augustyn

Mr J Black (1:1)

Year 4

Mrs L Huggins

Miss M Rodriguez

Year 5

Mr J Atkinson

Miss J Lewis

Year 6

Mrs M Foster

Mr M Goodwin

Miss J Wynne

Miss K McNulty

Mrs G Mewes (1:1)

Support Teachers

Mrs C Ives

Mrs B Woodward



Mr J Powell


Catering Staff

Miss A Stansall

Mrs R Majewska

Mrs A Lucarz


Dinner Supervisors

Mrs S Inglis

Mrs L Judge

Mrs M Augustyn

Miss M Rodriguez

Mrs G Mewes

Miss T comber


We look forward to welcoming our new September Intake to 'Story time' in the coming weeks!