Young Carers

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At Holy Family Catholic School we have a Young Carers group. Each month the Young Carers get together and do fun activities and have the opportunity to be other children who are in a similar situation. They also have the opportunity to have 1-1 sessions with Mrs Avis to discuss any worries or concerns, during lunchtime drop in sessions.


Holy Family Catholic support team for Young Carers are:

Mrs M Stenning: Academy Principal

Mrs Avis: FLO and Young Carers Supervisor

Mrs S Davis: SENCo

Who is a young Carer?

A Young Carers is a child under the age of 18 who may do extra things at home and usually help by:

Cleaning, cooking, doing the washing and /or shopping.

Help with looking and caring for younger siblings.

Helping someone to communicate with other people.

Supporting someone physically & or emotionally.

Doing homework/bathing younger siblings.

           Getting medication for the person they care for.


How Holy Family support

Young Carers.

· We have specific members of staff with a responsibility of supporting and understanding our Young Carers.

· All staff are aware of who are Young Carers.

· We work with external agencies to ensure that both parents/carers are given the support needed either through meeting on a 1:1 basis at home or at school.

· We have monthly activity sessions for the Young Carers to get together and have fun.

· We work closely with secondary schools on transition form year 6 to year 7 , making sure support is in place for Young Carers.

· We provide opportunities to identify Young Carers and then track their progress closely.

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