Term 1



We made our own prehistoric landscape!

Firstly, we made the volcano. We got an empty bottle, lots of newspaper and PVA glue. We all helped to paper-maché the volcano. It was gooey and sticky - we loved it!

We let it dry for a few days while we made the rest of our 'dinosaur home'.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

We went on a nature walk to collect suitable materials for our prehistoric landscape,eg. twigs, rocks, small stones, leaves, soil. Some Year Ones even brought in their own materials from home!

We covered a cardboard box with black crepe paper to make it look nice for the dinosaurs. We each added a cupful of soil to the box and then inserted the volcano.

We all had a turn to include one thing from our nature walk to our 'dinosaur home'. It was already looking much better!

There was only one thing left to do...



.....introduce the dinosaurs to their new home!!


However, after a few days of settling in, our dinosaurs got a shock...



...our volcano erupted!!


We used baking soda, vinegar and red food colouring to make the lava explode. It was amazing!! But we didn't like the smell of the vinegar very much!

The poor dinosaurs got covered in lava!



We've been learning all about Mary Anning and how she discovered fossils.

We then acted out the role of Mary Anning and brushed down our own real life fossils!

After this, we made our own dinosaur fossils with clay and small world dinosaurs.




We've been very creative and made sockosaurus dinosaur puppets with lots of different art materials!







We've been very busy in RE!

We've been learning all about our families and how they show love and care to us.

We've been carrying out lots of role-plays, reading stories from the Bible and reflecting on how blessed we are.

We've also been learning about Baptism.



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