Term 2

People Who Help Us - we will be learning about people in our community who help us, this will include visits from the Police and Fire services, the school nurse and the Royal Engineers.
The Fire Service visited us. We learnt about their fire engine and how they put out fires. We built our own fire engine and worked as a team with hoses and buckets to role-play fighting fires.

The police visited us and talked to us about how they protect us from crime. They showed us all of their equipment and how they use their notebook and torch in their job. We saw how the lights and sirens work on the police car.



We had a visit from the school nurse. We learnt about different equipment including stethoscopes and bandages.



The Royal Engineers visited us and we learnt about how they build bridges, especially when people are trapped by floods. We learnt how to make strong bridges and worked as a team to make our own. We tested how much weight our bridges could hold before they broke.

The Holy Family Catholic Primary School Wider Opening Risk Assessment
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