Term 1 - 2022-23

Our visit to The Knife Angel and Hazlitt Theatre

Circuits and components 💡🔋

From our knowledge of electricity in Year 4, we matched each circuit symbol to the correct images. We then discussed the difference between mains electricity and those appliances powered by batteries - we considered the benefits and drawbacks of each form. Next, pupils built 6 circuit types to discover which would light and which wouldn't. 

Mapping the UK 📍🗺🧭

We used atlases to compare maps of the United Kingdom - some used a variety of colours to show the counties in each country, others used the colour brown to represent the topography (land height). We then annotated our own map of the UK, linking each of the four countries to our four saints, before labelleling the number of cities and rivers in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. 

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Ofsted Oct' 23 - Holy Family is a GOOD school