Term 1 - 2021-22

Arithmetic Scores 21/10/2021

These are their best scores yet!
Everybody in class has made such an amazing improvement from their first ever arithmetic test at the beginning of the term to now at the end of term.
We are all so proud of each and every one of them.

Arithmetic champions - 15/10

These children achieved their top scores yet today! 👏

Restart the heart 🫀

CAFOD workshop

On Monday, we enjoyed our CAFOD workshop: a charity based on the Catholic social teachings of Pope Francis 'love thy neighbour as yourself'. We read a letter from Pope Francis called Fratelli Tutti; it is based on the ideas of fraternal love, shared dreams for our global family and working towards peace. We discussed how our world is connected and that we should behave as one single global family of brothers and sisters - we linked this idea to the the story of the Good Samaritan. In groups, we worked on the 8 different keys which represented thr 8 different ways of Catholic social teaching: dignity, common good, participation, solidarity, justice, stewardship, promoting peace and subsidiarity. 

"If we want to build a better world then we need to dream together" 

"We need to think of oursleves as a single family living in a common home"

BREAKING NEWS!! St Matthew Class are the first to leave Holy Family on school trip for almost 2 years... 🚨📰

Year 6 enjoyed a fun-filled day at Kent Life's Viking Day. We listened to the Viking creation story, played a game of Tafl, discussed a day in life of a viking and their great voyages around the world. We debated the difference between invading and settling, trading and raiding and of course even made time to ride the tractor and explore the play park with our friends! 

The Magistrates Talk 👩‍⚖️

On Friday, we enjoyed a visit from Alvin (a magistrate) from Maidstone Crown Court. We learnt the age of criminal responsibility, how criminal records are permanent and discussed a range of different criminal offences. He also explained how the judicial system works and the steps that lead to imprisonment. Did you know 80-85% of offenders admit to the crime they committed, hoping to receive a lower punishment and penial time?


Look at the fantastic writing Year 6 have produced based on our current text 'Rooftoppers' ✍️

The children wrote in role as Sophie to write a diary explaining their thoughts, emotions and opinions. They demonstrated a clear understanding of the character, audience and purpose of the text and remain on the edge of their seat waiting for Mrs Harris to read the next chapter. 

Pablo Picasso in the making 🎨🖌

Arithmetic Champions - 8/10 (it seems their mad hair didn't affect their scores too badly!🤪)

St Jiles workshop

Arithmetic Champions - 1/10-2021

Peer Mediator Assembly

Pen Licences!

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