Writing composition is a fundamental life skill which equips children with what they need to become life-long learners. Our approach aims to develop culturally literate children, in readiness for further education and beyond. Our writing curriculum is based on our ‘Good Book Journey’ (see below). Through these high-quality, rich and diverse texts, children are inspired to write. Our chosen texts aim to expose learners to a wide range of writing genres and engender a love of literature.



  • The teaching of writing echoes many of Rosenshine’s principles of instruction. It starts with the use of an exemplary text - a WAGOLL (What a Good One Looks Like) – to provide a modelled expectation for the children. It is then followed by a ‘boxing up’ process which allows the children to identify the purpose, structure, form and vocabulary of the particular genre in small steps. This process promotes confidence and ensures consistency and sequential development throughout each year group as the children move through the school.


  • The writing curriculum is focused on a ‘draft, edit, publish’ cycle, within which grammar and sentence construction are taught both explicitly and implicitly throughout the week. This encourages the children to regularly build upon pre-existing skills whilst applying independent practice, ultimately seeing themselves as ‘writers’.


  • Explicit activities that extend children’s spoken, receptive and written vocabulary are embedded into the teaching of reading and writing and are interwoven in all our teaching at Holy Family.


  • The ability to spell correctly is crucial in written communication and discrete spelling lessons are timetabled daily. For these we follow the RWInc. Spelling scheme from Year 3 onwards. This employs and embeds the strategies used in our phonics teaching.


  • Handwriting is taught in discrete lessons with children using cursive script from Year 2 onwards. Learners aspire to be granted the coveted ‘Pen Licence’.   


  • Through their writing, children are able to confidently demonstrate an understanding of purpose and audience, and the coordination of meaning, form, and structure.
  • We strive to maximise outcomes irrespective of starting points.
  • Children will have accessed, and know well, a wide variety of rich and diverse texts by the end of their time with us at Holy Family.
  • A development of ambitious vocabulary and improved language acquisition will support children to become proficient writers and readers.

Our Good Book Journey

"Good writing begins with a good book"

Here at Holy Family, we firmly believe that writing and reading are inextricably linked.  All of our writing is based on these high quality texts. 


NEW TO HOLY FAMILY.... Our 'Awesome Writers' display ⭐️

The children at Holy Family have made a fantastic start to the year: they have impressed us with their writing skills, so much so that each teacher has selected one star writer from each class. Many of the children were chosen for their progress since September, their use of ambitious vocacbulary and accurate punctuation. 

Term 1 'Awesome Writers' were awarded to the following children:
EYFS - Alicia 

Year 1 - Arthur

Year 2 - Leo

Year 3 - Diamond

Year 4 - Joyce

Year 5 - Carmen

Year 6 - Swalah 


Congratulations and well done! Will you be the next Awesome Writer in Term 2?

Term 2⭐️

Term 2 'Awesome Writers' were awarded to the following children:
EYFS - Eddie

Year 1 - Hiyab

Year 2 - Ikhlas

Year 3 - Suzanna

Year 4 - Harrison

Year 5 - Vicky

Year 6 - Freya


Congratulations to these children - your efforts in writing this term have been noticed!

Writing around our school...

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