Term 2 - 2022-23


Times Tables Rock Stars

Today we practised times tables, using Ipads. We're used an app called Times Tables Rock Stars.

TTRS is a carefully sequenced programme of daily times tables practice. 


Children were creating images to show how to live in the light of Jesus. 


In today's lesson children went outside to collect soil, leaves and twigs. They filled the clear, empty bottles with sandstone, sand, soil, vegetable peelings, leaves and sticks. They all understand the layers of matter. 


Children designed their own instruments. 
They created music by using anything in the 'sounds' blocks. By choosing from the library, children could add more then one sound to their sprite. 

What is a loop?
A loop is a part of a program that repeats a section of code. 


Today children practised the seven words for French animals, also revised the numbers 1,2,3. They played the Three Cards Game. 

Un cochon - a pig

un lapin - a rabbit

un chien - a dog

un serpent - a snake

un chat - a cat

une tortue - a turtle 

une souris - a mouse 


Creating a monoprint.

Monoprint is a form of printing where the image can only be made once. Tha main purpose of monoprint process is therefore not to create images serially from stencils, but to obtain a unique work of art while using printed media. 
Children used a sheet of clear plastic to transfer their unique design onto a paper. 

No two prints were alike. 


Understand that soils are made from organic matter. 
Observing over time and recording. 

Today in Sience lesson we measured how long it takes the water to drip through sand, chalk and clay. 
From measuring we discovered that sand took 9 minutes and 50 seconds. 
Clay took 5 minutes and 44 seconds. And chalk took 28 minutes and 30 seconds. 
We then discussed that the chalk was the slowest due to absorbing the water.


Creating cave art using symbols.

Children were creating arts using charcoal.  


Identify body parts and what makes humans healthy. 

We identified the food and grouped them by diary, carbohydrates, water, sugary sweets and fruit and veg. 
As a whole class, we discussed the bones we have in our bodies. 


Investigate the purpose of human skeleton. 


Firstly, we discussed how our bones protect our body. 
Placing our tomatos in various objects such as bottles, boxes, cotton wool and cardboard it formed a protective case. 
We were ready for experiment.

Using a weighted container Miss Taylor dropped the container on to our individual projects. We noticed that the plastic containers and boxes protected tomatos. 

Christmas party 

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