Term 4 - 2022-23

Spring and New Life


We started Term 4 reflecting on our theme of Spring and new life by focusing on the life cycles of a frog. We had exposure to rhyme with our story 'Oi Frog', and we loved thinking of our own animals and what they would sit on. We learnt about the life cycle of a frog, and enjoyed playing with frogs, frog spawn, and the lilipads in our water tray. We even made a rap to help us remember the different stages!

Frog jumping

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We loved reading our new text 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' and making our own caterpillar and butterfly. We enjoyed making story maps of the story and retelling the parts of the story on our outdoor stage.

Understanding the World

Our caterpillars

Nature photos and drawings

Child-filmed and narrated nature video

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We have been exploring minibeasts and our outdoor classroom, whilst planting our own beans and getting ready for Spring. We learnt all about Charles Darwin and David Attenborough and how each of them observed and recorded nature. We then recorded our own nature videos like Attenborough in the present and made observational drawings like Darwin in the past.

Computing and electrical items

We have loved exploring electrical items, taking them apart with screwdrivers and looking at what is inside. We also saw our Site Manager doing some drilling and we asked him some questions about what he was doing and why! We have been practising taking photos and videos, and thinking about how best to position the camera, zoom in, etc. You can see some of the examples of the photos we took above.

Building 9 and 10

Counting back from 10

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Shape and Capacity

In maths, we have been building 9 and 10, learning all about their composition and number bonds. We practiced counting forwards and backwards from 10, and even counted up to 20! We have also been looking at the properties of 3D shapes and comparing capacity.

Expressive Arts and Design

Physical development and gross motor

Our PE lessons and gross motor development has been focused around ball skills and balance with a partner. We were also lucky to have Bikeability sessions in the last week of time, which we all absolutely loved!

Experiences of Interest

For World Book Day we enjoyed dressing up as Kings and Queens because 'Reading is King!' We were also lucky enough to have visitors come in and read to us. We also loved having a visit from our school lunch providers, who talked to us about lots of fruit and vegetables based around our book, 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar'. We even got to make our own butterflies and caterpillars out of food!

R.E. and Easter

Easter Prayer

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We enjoyed several Easter school traditions that reflect our learning journey with God. We took part in the washing of hands and the sharing of bread with the rest of the school. We also shared our prayers and reflections with our class during RE for the first time, sharing what we were thankful for. We enjoyed meeting the Easter Bunny, and learning the religious meaning behind why we celebrate Easter. 

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