Executive Principal

Mr N Fox (DSL)


Academy Principal

MrsM Underhill(DSL)


 Academy Vice-Principal

 Mrs N Smith (Deputy DSL) and Mrs G Kershaw (Deputy DSL) 


Mrs G. Kershaw (Deputy DSL)


Family Liaison Officer (FLO)

Mrs T Avis (Deputy DSL)


Business Manager

Mrs N Knight (Finance and Premises)

Mrs S Ottembrajt (Admin and Personnel)


Office Administrator / SEN

Miss J Appleton



Mrs M Barrington




Teaching Assistant


Miss R Walsh and Mrs N Smith

Mrs D Pearson

Mr J Anderson

Year 1

Mrs N Taylor

Miss S Poulter

Mrs Augustyn

Mrs Comber

Year 2

Miss F Goldsmith

Mrs S Inglis

Mrs Lewis

Year 3

Mr D Lawrence


Mrs Jackowiak

Mrs Baker


Year 4

Mrs C Brenton

Mrs K Orszulak

Miss B Hunt

Year 5

 Mrs M Foster

 Mrs Bromley


Year 6

Mrrs C Harris

Miss K McNulty

Mrs Judge

Mrs Rodriguez

Site Manager

Mr M Hayward


Catering Staff

Mrs S Mitchelle

Mrs R Majewska

Mrs A Lucarz


The Holy Family Catholic Primary School Wider Opening Risk Assessment
Open Events for pupils starting school in September may now be booked via the school office - see latest news for full detail.