Term 4 - 2022-23

Welcome to Term 4 in year 5 

We have such a busy term a head of us: from being Kings and Queens for the day to visiting the Mobile library. Our new topic in History is Ancient China - in particular The Shang Dynasty. We are hoping to explore how they came to power, what their daily life was like and even debate if we would have liked to be rich or poor during that era. During our science lessons, we will be investigating our planet - Earth - and the space around us, what our shadows tell us and exploring the phases of the Moon. We will also be participating on the KCSP Online Science day along with many schools around Kent.
We will be honing our Drawing skills during our Art lessons to concentrate on the works of John Constable. We are very lucky to have the vast outside learning areas, which are full of nature, so we can really imagine how John felt when he drew his landscape pictures. Below is just a spippet of what we are busy doing this term.


Ash Wednesday Mass - Lead by Year 5

History - Timeline Check!

We have the great pleasure of having the lovely Clive come in to teach us some more of the Ukulele. We are busy creating a masterpiece, linking playing instruments and our song for this term. We are keeping it under wraps, ready to surprise everyone next term in our musical showcase. It may well be a blast from the past for many of our adults! 

RE - Sikhism Lesson

World Book Day - Kings and Queens

Online Science Day - Reactions

Online Science Day - Worm Charming!

We have been exploring the extraordinary book '' this term and during our writing sessions we have been creating speeches on POLLUTION.
We have throughly enjoyed this writing-really getting to understand some of the issues we and our world are facing. 

Year 5 speeches on Pollution

Still image for this video

Year 5 speeches on Pollution

Still image for this video

Mobile Library Bus Visit

Mini Vinnies - Sweet Sale

Washing hands and Breaking the Bread

Historty - Japan - Oracle Bone making

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