Young Carers

At Holy Family Catholic School we have a Young Carers group. Each month the Young Carers get together and do fun activities and have the opportunity to be other children who are in a similar situation. They also have the opportunity to have 1-1 sessions with Mrs Avis to discuss any worries or concerns, during lunchtime drop in sessions.


Holy Family Catholic support team for Young Carers are:

Mrs N Clarke: Academy Principal

Mrs Avis: FLO and Young Carers Supervisor

Mrs G Kershaw: SENCo

Who is a young Carer?

A Young Carers is a child under the age of 18 who may do extra things at home and usually help by:

Cleaning, cooking, doing the washing and /or shopping.

Help with looking and caring for younger siblings.

Helping someone to communicate with other people.

Supporting someone physically & or emotionally.

Doing homework/bathing younger siblings.

           Getting medication for the person they care for.


How Holy Family support

Young Carers.

· We have specific members of staff with a responsibility of supporting and understanding our Young Carers.

· All staff are aware of who are Young Carers.

· We work with external agencies to ensure that both parents/carers are given the support needed either through meeting on a 1:1 basis at home or at school.

· We have monthly activity sessions for the Young Carers to get together and have fun.

· We work closely with secondary schools on transition form year 6 to year 7 , making sure support is in place for Young Carers.

· We provide opportunities to identify Young Carers and then track their progress closely.





On Friday 29th March, Holy Family Young Carers went on a visit to Kent Central Ambulance Station for a fun, filled enjoyable morning.


The children had the opportunity to ride in an ambulance, have explained to them all about  the equipment that  is on board an ambulance, go into the control room, see all the life- saving equipment and receive basic first aid training.


They had a fantastic time and had the opportunity to ask questions and discuss worries that they had.

They also all received an Easter Egg as well.



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