Term 1 - 2022-23

What a fun-filled start to our children's first term at school! We have been reading 'The Runaway Pea' and 'Coming to England' in Literacy. We have also been reading 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt' to help us learn about journeys and maps.

The Runaway Pea

We loved picking up our runaway peas and practicing our fine motor skills. We also enjoyed making parts of our story in our large construction area, including tables and forks, and making pea soup in our mud kitchen. Labelling our home corner reminded us what all the parts of a kitchen are.

Creating our own vegetables.

Coming to England

We enjoyed making and recreating parts of our story, such as packing a suitcase for a long journey and making a big boat, like the one Floella sailed on when she came to England. We worked together to make our escalators, or 'moving stairs' as Floella called them, and loved taking it in turns to travel on them.

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We learned and performed our echo poem, which taught us that everyone is important no matter what they look like or what they have.

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We rehearsed a poem today that teaches us the importance of kindness. This was after we learnt that some of the children in Floella's school were unkind to her when she first came to England. 

We're Going on a Bear Hunt (Understanding the World, Geography)

We recreated our journey from We're Going on a Bear Hunt in our outdoor classroom. It helped us to recall the story order and key vocabulary from the story. We used it to helps us to understand the world and learn about maps.

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Recounting our Going on a Bear Hunt story

Recreating the story map for Going on a Bear Hunt. We used different resources to represent parts of our story map.

We have been looking at repeating patterns in maths. 

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We learnt a musical pattern song and experimented with making our own musical patterns with our instruments in continuous provision. 

We looked at comparing vocabulary in maths, such as bigger and smaller, longer and shorter, taller and shorter, more and fewer.

We practiced number recognition and 1-1 correspondence counting with our conkers from our outside classroom.

We used our maths and water area resources to recreate our favourite counting nursery rhymes: '1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Once I Caught a Fish Alive' and 'Five Little Ducks'.

Writing our phonics sounds

St Mary class have began learning their phonic sounds and have been busy practising writing letters. 

Signs of Autum (Understanding the World, Science)

We have been looking at signs of Autumn, which helps us to think about Understanding the World.

Observing signs of Autumn over time. We used our magnifying glasses to see if our signs of Autumn had changed, and how our water gauge experiment was progressing. We also found a worm on the path and talked about why it was there and how to keep it safe.

We talked about how the wendy house was cold and how we could make it warmer. We practiced with our tuff tray frame, then set to work on our house.

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