Term 3

This week we've been learning all about our numbers and the arctic!

We have been hard at work this week learning all about our numbers above 5 and exploring the arctic!

We have been incredibly busy in St Mary class and are now half way through the year. We are starting to think about WAGOLL, (what a good one looks like), when writing sentences. We have constructed our very own class book using sentences to describe the mouse, a character in our book, The Gruffalo. 

Science has also been fun, exploring our five senses. I am certain the children will sing you the song if you ask them. They have been amazed at how many senses we use at once and think about the senses they use throughout the day. Just incase you want to surprise your children you could try saying,

I see it,

I hear it,

I smell it,

I taste it,

I touch it, five senses.

Math lessons have also got us thinking. We have been learning all about one more, one less and different ways to make 5.


We have been exploring the Gruffalo during Literacy, Art and independent play.

This week tree surgeons conducted work in the school grounds. We observed them from a safe distance and were lucky enough to ask them questions about their profession. We learnt so much. The children then pretended to be tree surgeons themselves, dressing in their very own hard hats and jackets. 



Developing our fine motor skills outside

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