Term 5 - 2022-23


Explore the length of shadows. Pattern seeking. 

The children discovered that the closer the object was to the light source, the greater the shadow was. The further the object was the smaller, but clearer, the shadow was.


In Art we are learning about Henry Moore. 

Henry Moore , (born July 30, 1898, Castleford, Yorkshire, England—died August 31, 1986, Much Hadham, Hertfordshire), English sculptor whose organically shaped, abstract, bronze and stone figures constitute the major 20th-century manifestation of the humanist tradition in sculpture. Much of his work is monumental, and he was particularly well-known for a series of reclining nudes.

The children created their own sculptures based on the work of Henry Moore.

Food and Nutrition Practical

The children made Stuffed Apples for their Food and Nutrition lesson and learned how to use an apple corer safely.


Hinduism and Special Places

The children looked at different artefacts they would find in a Mandira or in a Hindu's house.


Explore elements of map making including scale and view. 

The children created their own diagram of a river and labelled the parts.


Adding volumes


The children firstly had to write the volume and capacity onto the jugs that were labelled A-G. Then they put them into order. Some groups put them in order, some groups ordered them on volume - increasing or decreasing! 

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School trip to Living Land 

Today we have learnt about food, farming and countryside life. We have touched farm animals, we tasted farm food, we watched birds of prey demonstration and sheep show. 

Hudson: On our trip to living land, I loved the bird show and the food tasting. My favourite food was the apple crisp. Last of all, I liked the looking at the animals.


Rozanne: We saw cows, sheep, goats, pigs, lambs, how to shred the sheep and we tasted some fresh fruits. We also saw a honey bees stand, saw bacteria through a microscope and we spoke through cup-phones. I liked everything.

Leo: We first looked at the machines, one made fresh water by a spinning cog wheel and some ran on coal. My favourite part of the day was the bird show when the last falcon bird was flying over us, getting high, then swoop down and catch its prey. The next  best bit was when we stroked the horses and one was named Anna. My third favourite part was when we tasted the different juices in the taste and touch event. We all had an excellent day!

Alfie H. : When we got to the machines one can chop the woods. The man gave us a piece of wood. Next we went to the sheep, goats, rabbits, horses. I liked the goats because they had funny horns. 

The Coronation of King Charles III

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