Term 5 - 2021-22

Food and Nutrition!


This term in Art and Design and Technology the children are focusing on Food and Nutrition. We made Apple and Sultana Muffins in year 1. We developed our cutting, grating, mixing, and team work skills!

Food and Nutrition


In geography this term our topic is Maps. We are looking at the location of New Zealand and often comparing it to Maidstone or England.


In this lesson, the children were comparing the maps of New Zealand and Maidstone writing down what they could see was different such as there being more hills and mountains in New Zealand and they could see that England was much flatter when compared.

Geography - comparing Maps of two different locations



In Maths this term, we have been looking at making equal groups. 


We have also been creating our own arrays and understanding which is a row and which is a column.


The children have been learning how to share items from an equal group to begin to learn how to divide.

Maths term 5



This term, the book in our journey is Where the Wild Things are.

The children have created a diary entry, as the main character Max, and written instructions on how to be King of the Wild things.

We are currently developing our skills of orally rehearsing our sentences before writing them. We are also completing an Acrostic Poem based on describing the Wild Things and what they do during the book.


Writing Term 5



This term our topic is Plants. The children have been growing their own cress, looking at the different parts of the plants, looking at the parts of trees and looking at the details of leaves. We have also looked at deciduous and evergreen and whether we can tell them apart using their leaves or in pictures! 



In RE, we have started our new topic of Belonging.


The children are understanding how we belong in our classrooms and how we can make new children feel like they belong.


We have looked at the story of Jesus with the Children and how he is showing that children belong to Jesus and he will not turn anyone away. Everyone belongs to God and is loved by God.

RE - Recognise the religious story of Jesus with the children



The children have been learning about fractions this term including 1/2, 1/4 and whole.


We then look at directions and turning so here the Children are showing that they can turn an object 1/4 turn, 1/2 turn, 3/4 turn and full turn!

Fractions and describing turns

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