Term 5 - 2021-22

Welcome to St Anthony's Term 5 class page

We ended this term with an amazing scientific discovery- a meteorite had landed on the school field. 
The children put on their research team badges and were ready to explore!

Healthy eating and nutrition- making bean burgers.

ICT- Stop motion animation.



Our Science topic this term is 'Forces'. 

We will look at the forces you create by pushing and pulling, friction, surface resistance and the Earth's North and South magnetic poles.

Year 5 experimented with the impact a meteorite can have on the Earths surface. 

We simulated this with flour as our Earths surface and a clay covered marble as a meteorite, we recorded the different heights the metoerite was dropped from, and the diameter of the impact crater. 

Group work



Year 5 are comparing Kent to regions in Italy and Chile this term.



Andy Goldsworthy is our topic Artist this term. We have looked at the beautiful work he has created, all made from natural material. The children will source materials to create their own stunning piece of art.

This week the children searched around our field and playground to find materials to make their own sculptures. 

Andy Goldsworthy topic pages.

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