Term 1 - 2021-22

Week 6

In Maths, the children have been learning how to split numbers into 2 parts to show how to make the whole. They will then move onto splitting numbers into the part-whole model to demonstrate their learning. This shows the first step.


In geography, the children have been learning about the globe. They are learning the names of the 7 Continents and the 5 Oceans. They are learning that on the globe green represents land and blue represents water so the children have painted spherical globes to show their learning.

Showing that land is green and ocean is blue

Week 7

Writing - Monday 11th October

The children were focussing on how to write in the past tense by adding the suffix 'ed'

Geography- 14th October

In Geography the children were learning about the countries in the UK. We learned the patron saint of each country and which flag represents them. We drew these flag and from this drew the Union Jack. We learned that 'Union' means joined together.

LF: learning which countries are in the UK

Here is some of our work!

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