Term 1 - 2022-23


In our science topic, we are studying States of Matter. We are learning about solids liquids and gases and their properties. Also how their molecules behave when there is a change in energy(heat)

We sorted materials into solids liquids and gases and we also had a drama session to understand how the molecules behave in these states of matter

We investigated with mass of ice affected the temperature at which it melted or how long it took to melt .

We observed how gas behaves when we created a gas inside a rubber glove


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To demonstrate the effect of heat on a liquid we used milk with ice cubes and salt to make icecream and then melted chocolate to add and observed what happened and then of course we got to eat it- yum!

We investigated how long different liquids took to freeze and melt by observing overtime


In art this term we are considering the artwork of Salvador Dali. We will replicate our art in his style. We studied light and shade and brush strokes we would use. 

The effect of light and shade on colour

Brushstrokes and planning


We are very exciting about learning ukuele and this is only our second lesson ! Check in later to see an improvement.

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