Term 2 - 2021-22

Welcome to St Anthony's Term 2 class page. 

' Its behind you !'

On Tuesday we got to enjoy Sleeping Beauty, " oh no we didnt", "oh yes we did" 😉 . It was safe to say everyone enjoyed it, both adults and children! 

Last week we celebrated French Day. We all came dressed in blue, white and red, with a few christmas jumpers too! 

We learnt some christmas words in french, completed a french words search and listened to french christmas songs. We even got try some french bread, brioche rolls, camembert, pâté and a few brave children even tried snails!

This term we have focused our Art lessons around Lucienne Day, we looked at both her life and her work. The children designed their own fabric print in their books, they then transfered this onto a polysterene tile and printed onto fabric using ink. 

Wow what an exciting day we had this week!


We had a visit from Beornwulf on Tuesday to teach us all about Anglo-Saxon life. 

He taught us all about what they wore, the meanings behind their names and much more!

We also learnt some very weird and wonderful facts about the Anglo-Saxons, ask your children how they dyed their clothes. 😄


Beornwulf even had some replica weapons with him, which we all had great fun exploring. 

We ended our fun filled day with a re-enactment of Beowulf, with our very own Mr Black playing Grendal and Mrs Foster playing the part of Grendel's mother. 

We started our new term with a visit from Joanne, a Firefighter. She came to talk to us all about 'stop, drop and roll', the dangers of candles, the importance of smoke alarms and many other ways of keeping safe. 

Our Science topic this term is Light. 

We will be looking at the way light travels, how it is reflected off different surfaces, how shadows are formed and how objects are seen when light is reflected into our eyes. 

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