Term 3 - 2021-22

Welcome to St Anthony's Term 3 class page. 

'Too-wit too-woo'🦉

On Tuesday we were all very excited to have a visit from an Owl Sanctuary. We learnt alot about them; what they like to eat, their habitat, and their handlers Olivia and Erica, told us about what super senses they have and how they use them to catch their prey. The beautiful owls treated us to some flying displays, which some of our children voluteered to help with. 

A few fun facts we learnt about owls;

  • They can hear a mouse's heartbeat 3 m away.
  • Eat their food whole and regurgitate a rolled up pellet consisting of the things they can not digest (fur, bones and feathers).
  • They can turn their head approximatley 270 degrees.
  • Their feathers are so soft they dont make a sound when flying; we observed this ourselves, not a sound could be heard.


Our Science topic this term is the 'Human Body'. 

We began this topic looking at different changes the human body goes through, throughout our lifetime. 

We then focused on fetal development, moving onto baby and child development. 


Our Art lessons in term 3 will focus on Pogodas. We will look at the structures and designs of Pogodas, and the importance of each part. 




Our Art topic will tie in with our Geography subject this term, Japan. We have so far looked at the different seasons Japan has, and the weather those seasons bring. 

Art (term 2)

We started term 3 finishing our Lucienne Day inspired art. The children all had a go at sewing their cushions, wadding added inside and then sewn up. They were all very proud of their work. 

Wow Wednesday!


As you all know our school has enrolled in Buster's Book Club; a reading programme that aims to encourage and motivate children to read more. 

We was suprised by a visit from Buster Bug at school this week. 

He came into school to encourage more children to read on a Wednesday and record their minutes! 🐛

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