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At Holy Family, it is our intent to enable every child to express themselves in a creative way. We believe that high-quality art and design education should engage, inspire and challenge pupils, equipping them with the knowledge and skills to experiment, invent and reflect when creating their own works of art, craft and design.



  • Each of the key processes of art - drawing, painting, textiles and sculpture – are evenly spread across our curriculum, supported by a clear skills progression policy.
  • Key skills and processes are taught through the study of a broad range of artists, craft makers and designers.
  • The vocabulary associated with specific skills and processes are weaved into the teaching of art and design.
  • Children are encouraged to think critically and develop a more rigorous understanding of art and design.
  • Children are encouraged to explore and record their ideas and experiences in a variety of ways - pupils use a sketchbook which they are taught to use as a visual diary.


  • Children gain the knowledge and appreciation of a range of famous artists. They will also know how these artists reflect and shape our history, contribute to culture and creativity.
  • Children are enabled to produce artworks of their own, using a variety of media and materials.
  • Children are given frequent opportunities to explore their imagination and creativity.
  • Children become proficient in a range of art and design skills that they can then recall, demonstrate and build upon in further education.


⭐️Take a look at our brand new STUDIO! ⭐️

We are so lucky to have the space to celebrate each of the artists and designers who have inspired our pupil's fabulous final pieces. The STUDIO is a space that teachers and students use for their art and design lessons and it will also home the resources needed for each of the skills included in our curriculum.


As this STUDIO grows, so will its use - we are very keen to use this space to encourage our budding artists, talented drawers and future designers. Watch this space! 

Paint: Andy Warhol 

Painting: Salvador Dali

Textiles: Laura Ashley

Drawing: John Constable

A 'masterclass' with Mr Martin from St. Simon Stock✍️

We were extremely lucky to welcome Mr Martin to work with our Year 6 pupils for an expert masterclass is using perspective in drawing. The children were already able to tell him about the 'vanishing point' and how the saturation and pigment of colour can help create distance. During Term 4, we are studing the drawing works of John Constable and so this opportunity was particularly useful. We already can't wait for his next visit!

Which of our hopeful entries will be chosen? 
Our entries for this competition were heavily inspired by our most recent sculptor studies on Andy Goldsworthy. His work, involving natural materials, uses whatever comes to hand: twigs, leaves, stones and even snow. By using these very materials he reweaves them back into the environment to create sustainable art that is in harmony with the natural world.
One of year 6 pupils quoted, 'There is no better sustainable art than art made from the natural environment.'


Painting: Pablo Picasso

Our Art & Design display in the hall celebrates our pupils' interpretations of Picasso . It demonstrates the sequenced progression of skills and knowledge from EYFS all the way up to Year 6. Above our displays are examples of potential qualifications, apprenticeships and career paths which build on their primary Art & Design journey.

Year 6 documented their journey in the class 'Epic book' 🎨🖌

Textiles: Lucienne Day🪡

Our textiles work demonstrates the progression of knowledge and skills from EYFS to Year 6, inspired by our chosen designer of the term: Lucienne Day.

Drawing: Paul Klee✏️
In each year group, children focused on the many elements of drawing from sketching and shading to the 7 elements of design: line, shape, form, value, texture, colour and space. Perspective was also a key element needed when recreating pieces inspired by Klee.


A summary: pupil voice survey

When asked why pupil's 'enjoy' Art and design lessons they commented:

  • Art is subject where you can never be wrong (Y6)
  • You are able to show your creative ability and express yourself (Y3)
  • It lets you look at style and fashion, sometimes even clothes (Y1)


A Year 6 pupil suggested that is important to learn about different artists so you can 'refer to them, name them and think about their style when you learn art again in secondary school'. All children present from Year 1-6 were able to recall the range of artists studied since September. 


'We know we should be proud of our work because look (pointing) there are art displays everywhere.' 

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