Oscar Romero Awards

The Oscar Romero Awards at Holy Family


As part of our ongoing commitment to the church's teaching on social justice and Catholic Social Teaching, we are proud to have enrolled in the Oscar Romero Awards


Through this, we demonstrate how we live our mission as a Catholic community, promoting social justice and awareness. (See the link below for more details). 




Who was Oscar Romero?


Archbishop Oscar Romero is a 20th century martyr of the Catholic Church. He was the archbishop of San Salvador in Central America.

On 24 March 1980, in the chapel of the cancer hospital where he lived, he was shot dead at the altar by a death squad marksman as he was about to offer the bread and wine in the middle of Mass.

He was canonised (recognised as a saint) on 14th October 2018 by Pope Francis in Rome, having been beatified on 23rd May 2015.

He serves as an inspiration to us all as to how to live our lives in the service of others, following the path that has been chosen for us by God, no matter the consequences.


Oscar Romero

'Participator Level' Award


Holy Family were ably represented by two Year 6 pupils at the Oscar Romero mass at St George's Cathedral, Southwark. There, we were delighted to receive the 'Participator Level' award from Archbishop John Wilson in February 2022.


'Developer Level' Award


In February 2023, on behalf of the whole school, two of our pupils proudly received the 'Developer Level' award form Archbishop John at the Oscar Romero mass at St. George's Cathedral.


'Innovator' Level 


We are currently working towards the final Oscar Romero Award, the 'Innovator' level, where our whole school community is challenged to become fully alive, working to promote CST principles in and beyond the school.

We aim to be constantly re-evaluating and actively changing the culture of our practice and life so that all our stakeholders see it as their duty to challenge inequality wherever they see it.

We believe that our school’s commitment to CST principles should be visible and its impact tangible, measurable and sustainable.

Our ultimate goal is that Holy Family becomes a 'missionary centre' for the spreading and embedding of CST principles in other schools and throughout our community.

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