Sports Funding

This year the Government has increased allocated funding directly to primary schools to support the provision of quality PE/Sport. Again the school will receive £16,000 plus an extra £10 per pupil which at Holy Family Catholic Primary School will mean approximately £17,750. It is important that we use the money wisely. In order to get the best value and maximum impact for our children, this academic year, we have planned to use this money to:

1. Provide Active Play with a Sports Coach
In partnership with Premier Sports, this funding will pay for the services of a Sport Coach to lead 'Active Play' at lunchtimes with playleaders from Year 5 & 6 four times a week. This will provide extra opportunities to participate in team games and develop skills for all our pupils.


2. Increase participation in school sport ~ Tournaments &Competitions 
We already offer a range of lunchtime and after school sports clubs. We wish to enhance our provision by employing coaches to deliver additional activities for children in all key stages. 
Sports funding will be used to allow us to continue offering free places to these clubs. 
Coaching for specific sports will also take place in curriculum time with coaches working alongside class teachers. 

We will continue to participate in events, tournaments and festivals arranged by Sports Leaders at St. Augustine's Academy, some as part of the Primary School Game which will give our children opportunities to compete with children from other Primary Schools. The funding will be used to
allow as many of our children to participate in these events as possible.

We will also continue to offer some enrichment actvities to each Key Stage through the year.

3. Provide Booster swimming lessons
Swimming is part of the National Curriculum and children are expected to meet the following standards:
Pace themselves in floating and swimming challenges related to speed, distance and personal survival
Swim unaided for a sustained period of time over a distance of 25m
Use recognised arm and leg actions, lying on their front and back
Use a range of recognised strokes and personal survival skills.
We will continue to subsidises swimming lessons for Years 3 & 4 at Mote Park Swimming Pool and also provide extra lessons in Term 6 for children in Year 6 who are currently unable to swim at least 25m metres unaided.

4. Purchase of equipment & resources
Funding will be used to replace and provide extra equipment for ‘Huff and Puff’ at lunchtimes and PE sessions.


How will impact be measured?

  • Greater teacher confidences in planning and delivering PE
  • Observations of children and staff during PE lessons.
  • Increase in the number of KS2 pupils swimming 25m unaided to at least 80%
  • New equipment/resources used more effectively to deliver high quality PE lessons and to enhance lunchtime activities ~ reduced behaviour incidents / more active children.
  • Increase in the number of clubs on offer and pupil participation in PE/sport through termly monitoring of pupil involvement.
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