Term 5 - 2021-22

Some special little messages for Year 6 this week...

There is a real BUZZ in the air this morning! 🐝 Year 6 are soooo ready to take on their SATs arithmetic... ➕➖✖️➗

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Our fabulous Miss McNulty has even started a school walking-bus this week to make sure we're all in together each morning! 🚍🚏🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿From all the children, a big 'thank you' to you!

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Nothing prepares you for a week of SATs like a bacon butty! 🥓🍞

Getting close to NATURE 🍃art forms inspired by Andy Goldsworthy...

Look at our most recent arithmetic champions securing their top scores!! 🏆

Science Investigation: Battle of the beaks!! 🐤

Which beak shape/variation is best suited to which food type and why? 

Would you rather have lived in Athens or Sparta? 🗣

Year 6 worked in teams to first study the ancient greek civilisation of two opposing city states (polis): Athens and Sparta. They considered their approch to daily life, education, women and army before comparing their differences and similarities. In pairs, the teams debated which city state they would prefer to live in - they had to consider several for and against arguments before debating it in front of one another. 

Science & Writing🏝🦍✍️

This term we have decided to combine our science studies with our writing to produce a 'textbook' style information report based on Charles Darwin's discoveries on the Galapagos Islands. We will conduct our own research on some of the many animals he discovered. Did you know he discovered certain species that had never before been found anywhere else in the world? 

Arithmetic GAP analysis🤓

Following our weekly arithmetic, we worked together to compare which questions we had secured marks for and which questions were commonly misanswered. Interestingly, we found some common themes that we all need to work on! Our simmering skills each day will now address these areas. 

"Miss, I couldn't wait to come back so I could pick one of your new books!"

Year 6 love it when Mrs Harris gathers a special collection of new, award-winning books for us. We read these for enjoyment and then use our usual AR text for reading at home. We've been fighting over some of the titles!! 

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