Term 4 - 2021-22

Welcome to St Anthony's Term 4 class page. 


For our History topic this term we are looking at Ancient China.

We discussed the difference between the lives of the rich and poor- we also had a class debate on whether it was better to be rich or poor.

The class researched the Shang Dynasty, and how they kept control for so long. They found out what techniques they used in battle, the weapons they had and their reasons for fighting.


This week is National Science week- 11th-20th March.

We started our week with an exciting Science lesson on zoom, along with other year 5 and 6 pupils from various different primary schools within KCSP.


We were challenged to find the perfect amount of water, that ensures we flip a bottle and land it every time. 

We had our controlled variables- we all used the same size bottles, all tried to do similar flips and used the same temperature of water.

Our independent variables- we gradually increased the amount of water that was in the bottle.

Then we tried adding different solids, flour or salt, to see how that affected our experiment.


This years National Science week theme is Growth. 

This gave us a brilliant opportunity to grow some of our plants ad vegetables in class.

We all had the chance to get our hands dirty and get stuck into planting.



Our first Mini Vinnies fundraising event took place this week, we are so incredibly grateful for all those delicious cakes that were donated. We are even more grateful for all those who came and bought cakes, we raised an incredible amount of money- which of course is going to Red Cross Ukraine Appeal.  🎂🍰



World Book Day 2022 📚

It was amazing to see so many children dressed up today, we all had a fun time seeing who each of our friends and teachers were dressed up as.  



Our Art topic this term is based on the work by Paul Klee, we have already looked at his life and his work and the children have created some amazing topic pages in their portfolio books.

Year 5 started term 4 with a class assembly this week. 

The focus of our assembly was to introduce 'Mini Vinnies' to the rest of the school. 

The Society of St Vincent de Paul is an international voluntary organisation in the Catholic Church, founded in 1833- also known as 'Vinnies'. 

The children lead groups - Mini Vinnies- has thousands of primary school age children around the world, who help those in need. 


Year 5 are excited to be the first group at Holy Family! 

The elected committee members, along with the rest of the class, have already planned a whole school book swap, and a cake sale- in aid of Red Cross Ukraine Appeal. 

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