Term 2 - 2021-22

Welcome to Year 3's Term 2 page. Please read and find out more about our learning.


In Art, we have been learning about Lucienne Day.

Lucienne Day was a famous British textile designer. She is best-known for her patterns for furnishing fabrics.



Last Wednesday children were able to make their own design. All pupils used wooden blocks with felt cut outs and paint.

Children chose their colour and dip the block in the paint to distribute their repeating pattern evenly on large white fabric. They all enjoyed the activity.


Today we learnt why Stone Age people made cave art and how they did it. We had a go at making our own art.

French Day

Last Friday we had a French day. We have learnt how French people celebrate their Christmas, also we have tried some French food, like brioche, camembert, pate and snails.

We had lots of fun.

Christmas craft week

Last Wednesday we had a class Christmas party. We danced and played games, like pass the parcel, musical statues, musical bumps and musical chairs. While we watched the movie, we also enjoyed yummy snacks.

Christmas Song by Eugene Field


Why do bells for Christmas ring?

Why do little children sing?


Once a lovely, shining star,

Seen by shepherds from afar,

Gently moved until its light

Made a manger-cradle bright.


There a darling baby lay

Pillowed soft upon the hay.

And his mother sang and smiled,

"This is Christ, the holy child."


So the bells for Christmas ring,

So the little children sing.



Still image for this video

And finally...

After very tasty breakfast, Santa came to visit us😊

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

from all of us in Year 3😃

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