Year 6 Residential 2019


Yes it's that time of year again, where those that are going on residential are feeling a mixture of excitement and nerves. 

We want to reassure you that your children will be very safe and will have the most amazing time. Have your washing machine on standby for when we return and possibly even the showers!

  Please check in with this page for daily updates. We will try to post a snippet of our day every evening, however this could be quite late - our days will be very long.


We have arrived safe and sound!

We have had a very busy day already, touring the grounds, making our beds! We completed our first activity of Shelter Building, which was amazing we built two very good shelters!After having some yummy dinner we made bottle rockets! We are now settling down for a well deserved good nights sleep.


WOW! What a first full day here we have had! Such a busy, fun filled and action packed time for all of us. After a very successful first night sleep, we started the day with a fabulous cooked breakfast. Our first activity was the 3G Swing and we are beyond proud of each and everyone of the children as they all had a go and loved it! Our fun didn’t end there we then went to learn how to light fires safely ( don’t worry they were all told they cannot just go home and start fires!). Orienteering came next followed by a hearty lunch. Buggy build was a firm favourite especially as we got to race them! We relaxed with some time in the pool before we moved onto problem solving where we all worked together to solve the challenges we were set. Dinner was next then some fun and games with Scrapheap Challenge, where our inner rock stars came out! Off now for a well earned sleep ready for what tomorrow brings!


Evening one and all! We hope our parents are doing well and not missing us all too much. We are having such an amazing time here the days seem to be flying by. After another brilliant nights sleep we started our activities today with High Equilibrium, which saw us all reaching new heights that we didn’t know we could! All the adults are super proud of every one of the children and their achievements so far. Nightline was next with blindfolded challenges, working with partners and as a whole team. We never knew how many different animal noises we could create and all at the same time! We enjoyed a spot of volleyball before lunch which consisted of the biggest baguettes we had ever seen. Aeroball started our afternoon sessions with Archery to follow. After having a practice we formed teams and had an epic battle to see who could score the highest! Miss McNulty’s team were the victors over Mr Mewes and his group! Whoop whoop go team!!! We then were very lucky to get an extra rope session at the Jacob’s Ladder, we all found it challenging however we persevered and triumphed. After dinner we had the DISCO! We all looked amazing in our party gear and showed off our dance moves. We never knew what a talented bunch we were! We think Mrs Underhill’s ‘Cotton eye joe’ dancing was by far the best!

And what night would be complete with out a ‘Carpet Party’ with hairdressing, snack eating and magic card tricks! Off to sleep now ready for what tomorrow brings us. Night all!

Day 4 19/9/2019

What a day we have had today! We have learnt so many new skills and had such a fun experience with the different activities. We started with Bushcraft Tools then moved on to Crate Stack. We were having so much fun with it that we ran over into our next session: but don’t worry we managed to squeeze in team games on the playground before yet another yummy lunch was served. Putting our minds to the test, we became entrepreneurs creating shoe racks and rideable bicycles. What we most enjoyed was procuring shoes from all around, some not even from our school. Aerial Runway saw us zipping down the line to reach the grey mountain. We were very lucky and had multiple goes as we were having such a fantastic time. Before lunch we were able to take part in an extra activity…LASER TAG! Team against team we scoured the area for the enemy. After all that running around we were certainly ready for our dinner! Then It was back to our rooms to layer up ready for the Campfire, where we sang loud for all to hear. Off to bed after ready for our last day!

Day 4 19/9/2019

Day 5 20/09/2019

Well it’s our last day here!

We have had such an amazing week full of highs and lows, achieving much more than we thought possible. Before we leave though we were able to enjoy two more activities. Fencing was our first, learning all the correct terminology while having a blast teaming up against each other! Our last activity was the obstacle course with our rep for the week Josh. The most challenging part was trying to make the giant see-saw level out. It took a few goes, however we managed it by working with and listening to each other. We stopped for a lovely sunny picnic, even having a chance to have our photo with Kingsley the Kingswood mascot. 

Homeward bound!

We would just like to say a quick thank you to all those who made this trip possible especially our families.

All the adults that went are immensely proud of all the children and what they have accomplished this week. Memories that will last a life time!

Day 5 20/09/2019

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