Celebrating Our Religious Education across the School


As a Catholic School, we follow the Catholic beliefs and teach the children the gospel values and the stories from the Bible. We aim to ensure all children have a good understanding of the Catholic faith and are aware of others beliefs and faiths around the world.

As part of our learning and understanding, we have special celebration days throughout the year that we would like to celebrate and share with you.


We follow the Come and See scheme of work.



This is divided up into 9 units of work for each year group as well as two weeks when we focus on other Faiths.  This year we are studying Judaism during November and in June different classes will be studying different world Faiths.


We enjoy it when father Desmond comes and visits our classes


Here are some of the amazing things we have been covering this year.



Year 6 led us with a lovely Liturgy to start the school year. 

 Year 5 then led our Harvest Festival. 




Thank you to all the families who sent in contributions for the Food Bank, it was gratefully received.


Year 4 have led our All Saints Day Mass

Which was celebrated by Father Liam from St Francis Parish. Members of the Parish joined us for this Mass.




We have a new display in the school hall which we will be adding to as the Church Year progresses, for example All Saints, Advent and Christmas will be added to the signposts as these events occur.

We look forward to seeing this display change through the year.




Our journey so far!

Picnic and Praise-Aylesford Priory

Picnic and Praise-Aylesford Priory 1
Picnic and Praise-Aylesford Priory 2
Picnic and Praise-Aylesford Priory 3
Picnic and Praise-Aylesford Priory 4
Picnic and Praise-Aylesford Priory 5
Picnic and Praise-Aylesford Priory 6
Please join us for our 'Baptism of the Lord' Mass in Church on Monday at 9.30am All parents welcome!