At Holy Family School we use the Creative Curriculum approach to our learning. Each term the class have a topic theme which draws on many areas of the curriculum, including Literacy and Maths elements. We feel this approach makes learning more relevant and real for the children, and the stimulating themes excite and engage their interest. We use visits, visitors and inspiration days to build on this excitement and engagement. Our class pages and photo galleries often show the results of these days.

Select Curriculum Overview for a detailed look at our School Curriculum 


We are working hard to embed a positive, active learning culture in our school. The children think about how to use their 'learning muscles' to help them progress and achieve well. All classes use learning partners to discuss, support, collaborate and provide feedback. Learning partners are changed very regularly, ans selected randomly, so that every child has experience of partnering a broad range of other children.
We are also working at becoming a 'no hands-up' school, with the expectation that if a question is asked, or opinion sought, by the teacher, every child needs to be thinking of their response in case they are picked to speak.
As a further development, in some lessons pupils will have the opportunity to choose their level of challenge in the tasks they do. This is to encourage all children to aim high and push themselves to achieve.
We aim to develop a growth mindset in every child we educate. We want them to be positive about learning, have a 'can-do' attitude, be resilient when they don't get things right first time, and be reflective about their learning and how to improve. 

Each leaf on the tree is represented by a child. They have included what their aspirations are for the year and how they are going to achieve them.
We hope you all have a wonderful summer!!! We return to school on Tuesday 3rd September