Term 2 - 2022-23

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How does light travel? How we see?

The children used everyday materials to model how light travels in straight lines from the light source, to the object into our eyes. We discussed that depending on the object and whether it is transparent, translucent or opaque, depends on the amount of light absorbed and reflected. 

Who was Nelson Mandela? 🇿🇦

As part of poetry week and Black History month, we learnt about the life of Nelson Mandela and his 'long walk to freedom'. We wrote a class biography, that detailed his life from childhood right up to the day he was finally released from prison. Our chosen poetic form was a Sonnet and, although traditionally sonnets were love poems written by Shakespeare, we considered the LOVE Mandela had for his people, his country and black rights. 

Why do rainbows appear? How are they formed? What happens to the sunlight once it rains?

Our Science study this term is Light so when a perfectly-formed rainbow appeared outside our classroom we stopped to ask why and how? We wanted to know why each of the colours appears and why rainbows always form in an arc shape. 

Timelines in History 

Before we could start learning all about the Vikings, we had to work out which historical events and time periods had come before. We learnt about the Anglo-Saxons last year so we knew that they came before the Vikings. Dinosaurs 🦖and the Stone Age 🗿was so long ago, it definitely came before the Vikings. Queen Victoria though? Now we know that the Victorian Period actually came after! 

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