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HF CP S – ‘Our Learning Journey’

            ‘A Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins With a Single Step’ (Laozi)


The Curriculum at Holy Family Catholic Primary School

At Holy Family Catholic Primary School we believe that:


“Cultural literacy is important and if you don’t know the key facts for the society in which you live, you’re permanently disadvantaged for life.”- Sir Michael Barber


The term "cultural literacy" was used by Professor E. D Hirsch.  His work referred to having the ability to understand and participate fluently in a given culture, and for us that is our British culture. A culturally literate person knows the alphabet, grammar, and a good set of vocabulary, which they gain and develop over time. They are able to talk to and understand others of that culture with fluency. They also have the skills to talk to and understand other cultures. They can participate in their own culture especially in areas regarded as key cultural strongholds such as business, literature, art, education, history and religion. The culturally illiterate person fails to understand their own or other cultures, references to past events, expressions, names, places, etc. and therefore are disadvantaged.


With this in mind, the curriculum at Holy Family Catholic Primary School has been specifically designed with the intent of developing and enhancing the cultural literacy of all our learners so that they are prepared for the rest of their academic career and beyond. Through a broad and balanced curriculum, our learning is knowledge and skills based; building progressively as the children move through our school.


Parents are actively encouraged to engage and support their child in all areas of their learning. We hold regular parental engagement sessions which help to inform parents of their child's learning and progress.


For more detail on the curriculum, please see separate subject and class pages.


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