Reading Challenge - The Reading Ladders

Reading is KING at Holy Family and so I would like to make you aware of the new reading challenge which has been introduced to the children this week in school (they were very excited!)


In the school hall, there are two reading challenge ladders – each ladder holds 50 books. The first ladder holds both story and non-fiction books aimed at the Infant readers and the second ladder holds titles which are aimed at the Junior readers.


The challenge invites pupils to read all 50 award-winning, hand-chosen books before they reach the end of Year 6 and leave Holy Family (even with only 7 months left, there are some determined and eager year 6 pupils waiting to give this a go!)


As this competition is entirely new to the school, the first two pupils to complete the ladders will receive a one-off, special prize. Thereafter, each child who completes the reading ladder will be photographed for the leader board and receive a prize to merit their efforts.


Children will be supported by staff, during school hours, to select books from the reading ladders. Then, the children may independently read the book to themselves, out loud to an adult or even have it read to them. But, it is vitally important that once these books are read and enjoyed at home that they are returned to the ladder for another child to access. This reading challenge relies entirely on this books being brought back into school so we would really appreciate your support with this.


Please note, children will still continue to read their ‘Accelerated Reader’ book each night but are able to attempt this challenge as additional reading.


The reading challenge officially opens on Monday 9th January! Good luck.


Mrs Harris

Reading and Writing lead and year 6 class teacher

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